Photographer, writer and humanitarian worker currently working with the UN in South Kivu, D.R. Congo.

Raised in France, from bi-national parents, I have been living and working in a dozen different countries for the past decade. With a Masters degree in international relations, conflicts & development, I am particularly motivated to use visual media and writing to highlight some of the most complex political and social issues of today's world. I am passionate about advocating for social justice, and have written about social movements, Latin American politics, gender rights and international development issues.


I wish to develop my photography and visual communication skills to illustrate the diversity and complexity of humanity, through a creative lens. With little editing, my photos aim to give a bold insight into someone’s world, and expose the raw essence of their story. I am inspired by photography and art that calls to action and sparks social change.



Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you enjoy exploring my work.